Complimentary Support for AA, NA, Alnon and 12-step Models
Harm Reduction
Relapse Prevention Planning

Discreet Addictions Counselling in Kamloops

At Sandstone Counselling Centre our Counselling Therapists are trained to offer discreet, confidential and flexible services.

Our Kamloops Counselling Services are result oriented. As a part of our Individual Counselling Services, the Addictions Therapy Treatment is a complementary support for AA, NA, Al Anon & as well as harm reduction. Our Kamloops Counselling office offers flexible, discreet, individual & confidential counselling.

Perhaps you are concerned about the amount or frequency you are drinking alcohol (or using another substance):

  • Where is the line drawn? What is considered problem consumption?
  • How often or how much do you have to consume to be considered an alcoholic or an addict?

At Sandstone, we are less concerned about this exact line, and more concerned about how you see your concern, and how your loved one’s experience your consumption.

We help you examine how this choice is effecting your daily living such as:

  • Family or closest relationships
  • Work or school performance
  • Social life, friendships

Whatever point in your process you find yourself in, whether you are merely curious or concerned about your use (or that of a loved one), Sandstone Counsellors are here to support you through the process of self-discovery and treatment.

Substances are considered numbing tools, perhaps it is time to become curious about your use of this numbing agent.  What is the substance numbing for you?  Trauma?  Grief?  Anger?

Maybe you are ready to move into the natural process of healing.  We can support you through this process.  Call us today and take that next step on your journey toward healthier living.

Experienced Addiction Counsellor

Catherine Cloutier, M.A., RCC

Catherine worked in Kelowna’s residential Crossroads Treatment Program (now changed to The Crossing Point) as an Addictions Counsellor.

She is experienced with both the Harm Reduction Model as well as the abstinence based 12 Step Models of AA and NA.

(778) 765- 4110

Call for an initial 15 minute consultation and we can offer the best possible approach for your unique circumstance.