Counselling Help for Children

Sandstone offers specialized counselling help to support children. Sometimes parents or caregivers find there are barriers to connecting with the children in their care.  It is natural not to know exactly what to say to a child about a difficult or sensitive topic.

Has your family experienced:

  • marital discord
  • separation or divorce
  • loss, bereavement, or grief
  • a family move
  • a traumatic experience 

Whatever the circumstance, everyone can feel the barriers of communication go up – and it can be challenging to reach our children behind this wall.

At Sandstone our counsellors offer many years of experience reaching beyond these walls, and offering support to children and families through the difficulties we all face in life.  

We offer non-judgmental support, ideas, solutions, and assistance to you and your family.

Is your child isolated? bullied? lonely?

We offer counselling support for parents/caregivers that would like to support school aged children through challenges.  Sandstone counsellors, in collaboration with caregivers, assess the circumstance and offer assistance that makes sense.  

We work together with parents/caregivers and children rather than focusing exclusively on one or the other.  This means that we offer collaborative support allowing continuous involvement by caregivers.  

  • collaborative family oriented solutions
  • working with parents/caregivers, offering information support and solutions

We will see you and your child together and/or separately, whatever makes the most sense for your family.  Information is shared, and this sharing is explained to the child so they understand the solutions are family oriented.

how to help my child dealing with pressures and anxiety