Dealing with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Treating Postpartum Depression
Postnatal Depression and Anxiety
More than the Baby Blues – Counselling Support

What if that natural feeling of bonding, doesn’t seem to happen for you?  What if your worries take over? or you feel so sad you can’t stop crying?  You are not alone in experiencing an intense postpartum mood that can come with disturbing thoughts.  Some women experience feelings of isolation, despair and self-judgement.

It is time to take a closer look when Baby Blues last more than two weeks after delivery.  Each woman’s unique circumstance is explored during sessions, and a collaborative and supportive treatment plan is established.

Sandstone Counsellors are experienced in supporting women and families through theses challenges.  Together, with a care team of professionals, we can offer you counselling support as a member of your multidisciplinary team.  We have experience working in partnerships with physicians, nurses, midwives and doulas to help support women through the challenges of treating postpartum concerns.

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