Response Based Counselling

Domestic Violence
Emotional Abuse
Human Rights

response based counselling

At Sandstone Counselling Centre we use Response Based Practice as our fundamental philosophy that guides our response to client stories of experiencing violence and other forms of oppression.  Clients often share stories that include violence, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, racism, discrimination, and human rights violations with Sandstone Counsellors. We listen carefully for how persons respond, and find stories of resistance.

Resistance is key.  Allan Wade, a BC Psychotherapist, uncovered a new depth of understanding how people respond with resiliency, creativity, and previously not celebrated ways of resisting violence and oppression.  Such creativity can be found when people respond with silence, mental resistance, a refusal to believe the oppressor, and many other safe ways to respond.  As our clients re-story their stories in counselling, they discover new layers of strength within themselves.  This discovery and recognition begins to inform the new ways in which they look upon themselves.

response based counsellor

We join the Response Based Practice team in changing our understanding the term “victim” and transforming it into “strength and creativity based resistance”.  For more information on this approach, visit: