Family Therapist in Kamloops

Sandstone Counselling Centre offers family counselling.  We have experience in providing support and resources to families of all make-ups.

There are many concerns that can arise in a family.  At times, it can be beneficial to consult with a therapist to improve health in communication, boundary setting, roles, and routines.

Conflict is common, and actually healthy in all relationships.  It is actually how we “do” conflict that can create concerns.  Conflict can inspire change, motivate progress, and help to maintain healthy boundaries.  Counselling Therapy can be helpful in assisting families toward moving into healthier conflict patterns.

Our Counselling Therapists offer family therapy with entire families, or see individual members of a family to consult on particular concerns.  Whatever model works best for your situation, we will work toward a common goal:  improved family functioning.

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