Stages of Grief
Death of a Family Member
Death of a Friend
Terminal Illness Diagnosis

Experiencing Intense Grief

The stages of grief after a significant loss, do not follow a standard pattern as we had first believed.  We now know that although there are recognizable stages, they come in any order and with different intensities.

We offer counselling support through the natural process of grief and loss.  Persons often recall the last contact with a loved one and are unable to let go of a difficult interaction, perhaps a conflict of some kind.  Clients have described believing that they had somehow contributed to the death in some manner.  For example, “if I had only driven to work that day, instead of ….”.

Sandstone Counselling Centre offers counselling for grief and loss concerns.

Our Counselling Therapists offer grief counselling with individuals, or see individually family members. Whatever model works best for your situation, we will work toward a common goal:  improved life after a tragic event.

Is it grief that I’m experiencing?

Loss of a Marriage or Significant Relationship
Loss of a Job/Career or Role
Death of a Pet

Sandstone offers sensitive and supportive individual sessions for persons who have experienced a traumatic loss in life.  There may not seem as there is any hope out of the intensity of this pain.

Some clients have described their experiences prior to counselling as an isolating and hopeless.  They reveal how they have turned away from friends and family and have tried to face the pain alone. They have either tried to protect their loved ones, or have found that no one can handle the intensity of the pain they feel.  That they have been left to deal with it in isolation, either by choice or otherwise.

Do you feel as though everyone expects you to move on?  As though, your time is up?  That you should be over it by now?  

At Sandstone Counselling Centre we offer the knowledge, wisdom and care that comes from years of experience in supporting people as they move through the layers of this difficult process.

Individuals experience loss in many parts of life.  Grief and loss counselling also includes the loss of significant connections or meanings.  Loss is individually defined and experienced by each person in a unique manner. The response to a significant loss is individual.  At times, clients have described feeling judged by loss responses.  They many even feel that their own responses are out of proportion to the expectations of those around them.  The response may not make sense on the surface level of understanding, but can be discovered through counselling therapy conversations.  These conversation can invite deep reflection that may reveal the reasons and context for intense grief responses.

At Sandstone we have the experience to understand the impact a loss can have on an individual.  Let us help you honour, process and understand your responses, or that of your loved one.

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