Mindfulness: Focusing your Attention with Intention

Mindfulness is the concept of moving our awareness to various focal points.  It is a method of becoming present or aware of the things we are experiencing in this very moment.

How one begins to practice mindfulness is an individual choice.  It can be as simple as shifting focus from the business of thoughts, the intensity of emotion, or the challenges we face in life ………….. to ……………… one simple thing, like the feeling of our feet inside our shoes.

When the focus is shifted to something in the present moment, our bodies respond by relaxing – perhaps at first only slightly, but as we engage with the moment – we begin to relax more and more.

There are so many ways to practice mindfulness.  Some people enjoy focusing on bodily sensations, others prefer looking around at the environment…………..  at a leaf, at the dew drop on a leaf.

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