Psychological Safety at the Workplace for First Responders, Emergency Service Workers and Other Front Line Workers

Health can be seen as having a balance of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual health.

First Responders and other helpers are constantly challenged to keep a wellness routine that provides balance in all of these areas to increase physical and psychological safety.

Injuries can arise, in the course of performing duties, that require specific attention.  Physical injuries are generally responded to with a specific treatment regime and in a timely fashion.  Psychological injuries tend to arise over a period of time and might not be as easily detected, or they can be a result of a specific and acute work-related event.  Psychological injuries can be treated and responded to in much the same fashion, with a specific and timely treatment regime.

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Responding to the challenges of working as a Helper or First Responder requires a balance of physical, intellectual, and emotional strength and health