Can’t Reach Your Teen? Counselling Help for Kids or Teenagers

At Sandstone we specialize in connecting with “youth with attitude” and teens that shield themselves with silence and the internet.  Parents and caregivers can become distanced from the experience of teens in their care.  If you find that there are barriers to communication with your teen and you are worried if they are okay, don’t hesitate to book an appointment.

Some clients describe feeling concerned about teens who don’t communicate.  Parents and caregivers simply do not know what is going on for the teenager in their care.  Even when asked, the response is silence and at times, anger.

At Sandstone we offer support from Counsellors with education and experience in how to connect with, support, and communicate with youth.  We will see the youth individually, as part of a the family, or we can guide and support the caregiver without seeing the child.  Each situation is unique, give us a call at Sandstone and together we can discuss the best possible approach for your teen.