Understanding Thought Process

We have a tendency to believe and act as though our thoughts are somehow — us.  We identify so deeply with what we think, that we confuse our thinking with how we feel and who we are or our identity. 

When one is doing something like walking, for example, we accept certain things about engaging in walking.  For example, here are some of the assumptions we naturally make:

  • We decided to walk, that we could have crawled, skipped, or dance;
  • If we want to we can stand still, or stop walking;
  • That walking is not what we are feeling;
  • That walking is not who we are, walking is not our identity.
mindful thoughts decision choice awareness

When we think something that creates an emotion like anxiety, worry or fear …. we can fall into the belief that:

  • We are somehow, our thoughts — that we are anxious or a “worry wort”;
  • We forget that we have a choice about what to think about, we feel as though the choice is not there.

When one becomes AWARE of thoughts, as decided activities, as something that we are doing, that our identity is separate from our thinking … then … there is freedom …. to first observe our thought patterns … to understand them with compassion … then to change them …. merely by purposefully thinking something else.

thought processing awareness mindfulness