Counselling to Relief Stress, Anxiety & Depression Symptoms Related to Pregnancy

Prenatal & Post-natal

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many women.  It can also be a time when women experience a layering of emotions.  

Although there is excitement and anticipation, it can also be a time of stress for many women.

depression during pregnancy

Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Depression During and After Pregnancy

Clients have described:

  • disturbed sleeping patterns
  • early morning wakings
  • inability to initiate sleep
  • vivid dreaming with high emotional content
  • stressful thoughts about the birth and delivery
  • intrusive thoughts about pregnancy loss

Hearing yet another person tell them to “RELAX” ends up increasing tension and anxiety.

Blood pressure concerns during pregnancy are a common concern for clients.  Attempting natural blood pressure regulation can become another layer of stress during pregnancy.  Women find themselves under a great deal of pressure to “relax” and decrease blood pressure, without any skills or tips in how to go about doing so.

Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy can be managed.

Research supports a combination of counselling, relaxation therapy  (which may include visualizations, yoga therapy, mindfulness practice or meditation) as well as medication (as recommended).

anxiety during pregnancy