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BC Counselling Therapy Health & Safety: COVID-19

Stay Online

100% Safe    vs.   Risk of Contacting/Spreading COVID-19

100% Private   vs   Contact Tracing (Releasing Client Information)

Full Expression Communication     vs.    Masks/Visors

Working a Session into your Day   vs   Taking time off to attend sessions

BC Counsellors Promoting Health & Safety

Together Working Toward a Common Goal

We are committed to the Well being of our Clients, Clinical Counselling Therapists, and our Community

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As per Order of the BC Provincial Health Officer

We are providing safety for our clients at the first level of protection as suggested by Worksafe BC  and the Provincial Health Guidelines.    Counsellors, Mental Health Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Social Workers are to provide in-person counselling only when necessary.  Given the effectiveness of virtual services, and the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, we have decided that continue to support clients with online counselling is best for everyone’s safety.

Clients have reported that they have found very little difference between Video Counselling Sessions and In-Person Sessions.  Clients surveyed are pleased with our decision to put safety first by not increasing their risk of contraction.

The literature/research completed comparing online counselling has found that it can be as satisfying and impactful for clients as the in-person alternative.

There are serious safety concerns for both counsellors and clients when enclosed in a small space for one hour, with both persons speaking and sharing the same air.  We considered partitions dividing clients and counsellors, as one of our clients stated, “the feeling of being in a penalty box’ is not much better than the alternative of wearing masks.  There are so many levels of communication to read in expressions, that the coverage of a mask would severely impact the counselling experience.

Given all these considerations, most significantly the safety and well-being of our clients, we can not justify opening our offices at this time.  We have not met the most basic criterion of transitioning to in-person counselling ‘only when necessary’.  We find that the alternative format, remote video or telephone counselling, is equally effective, absolutely safer and even more accessible for clients.

We are Offering Tele-Counselling, Online Coaching, Consulting & Training Services

By Appointment Only

As a leading Mental Health Counselling agency in our Community

All Our Client Services are Offered Online and by Telephone

In-Person Counselling Sessions are Not Offered at this time

*until the risk of transmission of  COVID-19  is under control

Offering Exclusively Online Counselling & Coaching Services

By Appointment Only

Eliminating client contact exposure and presence in our offices and buildings has allowed us to continue to focus on quality virtual counselling services

Our Online Counselling Health & Safety Policy keeps people at a safe physical distance from one another without risk of spreading COVID-19

Offering Strictly Virtual Counselling Services we are preventing the necessity of  implementing the second, third and fourth levels of protection from COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirements Ordered by THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER:

Second level protection (engineering controls): barriers such as plexiglass to separate people.

Third level protection (administrative controls):  rules, contact tracing and guidelines, such as cleaning protocols, use of chemical cleaning products telling clients & counsellors to not share certain items, not being able to offer water during sessions or implementing one-way doors or walkways.

Fourth level protection (PPE): Supplying counsellors & clients with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as non-medical masks, gloves

Implementing these measures would have had a significantly negative impact on client satisfaction, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of client services.

We are Taking a Stand for Mental Health Counselling & Physical Safety

Together Working Towards a Common Goal

Please Stay Online