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What Job Skills do I Have?
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Career can be an integral part of one’s identity. People face many challenges in today’s job market. Gone are the days when a single career could see you through to retirement. We are inspired to change paths and directions with career at every stage of life. Sometimes the inspiration comes from within, sometimes it is inspired by circumstance.

If you would like assistance in deciding your next step, either adjusting your current career path or taking another approach entirely, please don’t hesitate to call Sandstone and book a career session today.

Which Sandstone Counsellor has Experience in Providing Career Counselling?

Experienced Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Career Counsellor

Catherine Cloutier is an experienced career counsellor, having offered Career Counselling Services through Thompson Rivers University (TRU) for four years.  Private Career Counselling sessions can be booked through Sandstone Counselling Centre.

What if your interests do not match the careers that you can think of?

Doctors and Nurses or Medical Professionals
Law or Legal Related Careers
Skilled Trades
The Creation of Music Videos

Sandstone Centre offers Professional Career Counselling Services available for adults, students and youth.  Let us help you discover the careers you never knew existed.