Counselling Support Before, During and After Pregnancy

Perinatal Counselling

Sandstone Counselling Centre offers counselling support for women and families through fertility concerns, during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.  Perinatal counselling is available for all members of the family.

Childbirth – Counselling Support

Emotionally Preparing for Childbirth
Dealing with Pressure for a Natural Childbirth
Planning your C-Section Delivery
Home Birthing: Midwife, Doula & Counselling Support Team

Sandstone Counselling Centre provides counselling support for women preparing for childbirth, dealing with the pressures of delivery, and any emotional concerns during the perinatal period.  Some women describe feeling overwhelmed and value the emotional support of  a Counsellor during this time of preparation.

Sandstone Counsellors are experienced in offering support as members of the care team supporting women, including physicians, specialists, midwives, and doulas.